Our foundry was designed and built in year 2000 from and engineer-metallurgist with years of professional expertise and affinity toward and in sculpture. Our team of highly skilled experts is one of the best in bussines. The combination of their proficiency, top-notch working equipment, our competitive pricing and rapid development periods, gives us the wining formula of delivering high quality products. As a result our company had become the most preferred in the bussines, from a large share of domestic and foreign sculptors.

   Our company has a large catalog of it's own developed sculptures, at attractive prices, suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Some of our services are:

  • Art moulding - small plastics and monumental sculpturing of a brass, bronze and aluminum. Factory capabilities of a moulding sizes up to 8 (eight) meters.
  • Design, modeling and developing of sculptures and prize-type-plastics, based on customers requierments and design.
  • Creation of a casting-forms based on original author's sculptures made of clay,plaster and other materials.
  • Full treatment of the finished castings, including polishing.
  • Patina-forming treatment.